University International Euro India Centre Nysa City

Dr Krzysztof Iwanek: Text presented during the "Poland-India. Towards an Efficient Model of Economic Diplomacy" conference:

POLISH [ link ]

ENGLISH [ link ]


European Business and Technology Centre: "Science and Technology Research Players in India" ( ebtc.eu ) [ .pdf ]

Patkyk Kugiel, analyst of the Polish Institute of International Affairs ( www.pism.pl/en#1 )

  1. PISM Strategic File: "Reinvigorating European-Asian Cooperation and the Role for Poland" [ .pdf ]
  2. Bulletin PISM: "Indian Foreign Policy after the General Elections: Change and Continuity" [ .pdf ]
  3. PISM Strategic File: "Sixty Years of Poland-India Relations: Towards a Genuine Partnership?" [ .pdf ]
  4. PISM Policy Paper: "What Does India Think About Poland?" [ .pdf ]

THINK TANK Centre for Dialogue and Analysis ( en.mttp.pl )

  1. "Dossier on Indo-EU and Indo-Polish Relations. Special Edition of ThinkTank Magazine" [pdf – THINK TANK DOSSIER INDIE ANG]
  2. "Analiza: Doing Business in India…? – Czy warto robić interesy z Indiami?" [pdf – Analiza THINK TANK – Doing Business in India]
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